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“McClone took the time to really get to know our business and foster a true understanding of our unique needs before they would quote our business, and their transparency and honesty is really refreshing. It’s clear that their main operative is to serve clients in the best possible way.”

“It’s always been a top priority for our company to make sure we take good care of our people and offer the best possible benefits package, and McClone helps us do exactly that. They really take the time to get to know our company to give us the best personalized HR advice whenever we need it.”

“As we went through the process of finding a broker, it became evident that McClone was most interested in learning more about our business and truly acting as our advocate so they could find the very best product fit for our business. They’re trustworthy and we’ve really come to see them as an extension of our organization.”

“We had a unique situation in that we were launching a brand new preparatory school on a controlled timeline, and McClone made it clear from the get-go that they understood that a non-profit school would work differently than most organizations. The comprehensiveness of McClone’s support undoubtedly took some of the speed bumps out of our organization’s launch. They’ve become trusted advisors to us and continue to come up with innovative solutions for some of the issues that present themselves on a day to day basis.”

“We’ve really loved McClone’s approach to managing our company’s risk, especially in an industry as nuanced as construction. I have confidence that McClone has nothing but the best in mind for our business, and they’re actively looking for solutions and opportunities that make our organization better.”

“McClone’s proactivity and responsiveness are second-to-none. We rest easy knowing that McClone’s on it when we send a question their way or need some guidance. They’ve also been incredibly transparent with us about what we’d been paying for benefits in the past and what we should be paying, and their honesty and careful attention to detail is incredibly refreshing in an industry like theirs.”

“McClone’s team is highly reliable and they stand behind what they say they’re going to deliver. They work to establish personal relationships that we’ve really come to value; we see their team as true friends and trusted advisors who are easy to work with and who will be responsive when we reach out.”

“We love you guys, from the team at Bergstrom!”

“Your team provides excellent service and wonderful follow-up. As a small business owner, you make my job so much easier.”

“Great Partners; very proactive and go out of their way to help and support us.”