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Enterprise Risk Management 

Discover a Strategic, Transparent and Refreshing™ approach to reducing your risk.

Traditional insurance agencies spend little, if Salesmanany time, getting to know your organization. Without a full understanding of your organization, they proceed to sell you a portfolio of insurance products, many of which you may not need.

How can anyone properly advise you on how to protect your organization if they don’t understand what makes your organization unique? What about the risks inherent to your organization that can’t be insured? How can you be confident that your organization’s risk is being properly managed? How can you possibly control your insurance costs if your organization’s risk is not being actively managed?

process_csAt McClone, we go beyond insurance. We proactively work with you to protect your organization and drive down your organization’s risk in the most efficient ways. Before we forge a partnership, we invest a tremendous amount of time getting to know every aspect of your organization. Once we have a deep understanding of your unique areas of risk, we will provide you with comprehensive risk management strategies. These strategies will include ways to lower your risk, such as: traditional forms of business insurance, alternative risk financing, HR consulting, employee benefits solutions, unique risk control methods as well as process improvements. Once we’ve implemented these strategies, our team will help monitor results and find ways to identify if there are any further improvements.

We are results driven. Our goal is to help you drive down risk, drive down costs and ultimately drive up your organization’s competitive advantage.

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