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Mar 14

The Dangers of Cybersecurity in Construction

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category Business Risk
Computer login screen with picture of a lock in front

by: Troy Carlson, Strategic Risk Advisor Most of us have emails filling our inboxes throughout each workday. Often, it seems like a job in and of itself just to keep up with them. When an invoice comes across your desk, you typically review it, approve it or reject it, and move on. Imagine your surprise when you receive an email [read more…]

Aug 05

Neiman Marcus Case: Reminder to Check Your Cyber Security

Posted by McClone in the category Business Risk
cyber data with headshot image in black & blue

By: Zach Kaiser – Strategic Risk Advisor, McClone This week I want to shed light on last week’s decision by the federal appeals court in the case pertaining to Neiman Marcus. If you haven’t read about the case, let me give you a brief summary. Neiman Marcus, a high-end retailer, was the victim of a cyber-attack which led to the [read more…]

Jul 30

Cyber Risk: Why It Matters, How to Protect Your Business

Posted by McClone in the category Business Risk

By: Zach Kaiser, Strategic Risk Advisor – McClone I preach a lot about cyber security. And while I may preach and harp, I do so because it is a serious problem that threatens every business—even the ones that haven’t fully embraced the rapid growth in the online business sector. Because the fact is that it isn’t just about stealing credit [read more…]