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Strategic vs. Personal Risk

At McClone, our team strives to be your outsourced risk manager, which can range all the way from protecting your organization to you and your family. In working with our clients for over 65 years, we’ve found that strategic risk and personal risk go hand in hand. If you are a business owner and your company is faced with an unforeseen loss, your family could be impacted. Likewise, if your family is faced with an unforeseen loss, your company could be impacted. The risk management solutions offered by our team at McClone can provide the necessary assurance and financial stability to ensure that your organization as well as your family is protected.

Strategic Risk

Does this sound familiar? Your insurance broker spends little, if any time getting to know your organization, and then sells you a portfolio of generic insurance products to protect your organization in the event of a loss.

At McClone, we are not in business to sell insurance. We are a service organization dedicated to acting as an outsourced risk manager for proactive companies. Before we ever forge a partnership, we invest a tremendous amount of time into getting to know every aspect of your organization and uncovering unique areas of risk and exposure. Learn more about our unique and systematic process, and how we can protect your organization from potential risks.

We are results-driven. Our goal is to help your organization drive down risk, drive down costs, and ultimately drive up your competitive advantage.process_cs

Personal Risk

We believe you should take the same approach to protecting your personal assets as you would your business. As your personal risk management partner, our team of Risk Advisors proactively uncover areas of concern and provide a comprehensive strategy for protecting you and your family from risk. This is achieved through our unique and systematic process.

In your personal life as well as your business, we strive to help you drive down the risk you face, minimize the related costs, and increase your financial well-being.

Contact one of our Risk Advisors today to discover a new, refreshing approach to reducing risk for you, your organization and your family.