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RiskMAP Process

TaglineWe utilize a systematic approach to consistently diagnose, evaluate, reduce, and monitor your organization’s risk. We are not an insurance sales organization; we are risk advisors seeking a deep and meaningful understanding of your business and the risk that it faces.


Our approach is not transactional; it is long-term holistic approach. We focus on the big picture to ensure that all of our recommendations to you are based on a complete review of your individual situation and business realities. We are focused on protecting you and your company’s assets with researched, market-proven solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. We invest time and resources into getting to know your business and we engage in a methodical, comprehensive process that delivers real impact and results.


Our ethical, trustworthy, hardworking professionals continually work to earn your business. We are never afraid to disclose to you what we do, how we do it, and even what we earn. We believe transparency throughout the process can only lead to a stronger partnership and the benefits of shared success. We will collaborate with you using clear communication, honest feedback, and above all measured and verifiable results.process_cs


Our clients have described working with McClone as “refreshing” — and we think that is a pretty fantastic word. To us business is personal, so we recognize and celebrate the very real relationships we build. We enjoy what we do and share that enthusiasm with our partners. We are driven to create a remarkable experience for every client by being easy to work with and oriented to finding solutions and not selling one-size-fits-all insurance policies.

Our process is anything but static; it is proactive and dynamic. By identifying risks, developing and implementing strategies, and monitoring the results we create a competitive advantage for our clients.

How it Works

Typically, the process of buying business insurance is flat and one-sided, perhaps consultative, but easily disposable or duplicated from one broker to the next.

At McClone we strive to be anything but ordinary. Rather than generic methods to manage and mitigate risk, we go above and beyond to ensure your experience is extraordinary, intimate, and indispensable.

Our process requires us to thoroughly investigate your company and the risks you face. We will work with you to fully know and understand your business and its risks, with no commitment from you.

We will highlight how the information learned in the discovery process helps us make recommendations, helps underwriters determine costs for coverage, and where your enterprise might remain exposed without action or appropriate coverage.

As your outsourced risk manager, we will immediately work with you to assess, evaluate, and prioritize these items to begin addressing them in a systematic way to reduce your company’s risk. We will continuously evaluate the programs and solutions we have put in place, and as results are analyzed, we will repeat the process again and again.