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Aug 28

Types of Medicare Options

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category Personal Risk
stethescope in the shape of a heart laying on top of an explanation of benefits

Join us as our team of experts help you sort through all the information about Medicare that may be causing confusion, stress and worry. We will educate you in how to identify the Medicare options that meet your or your loved ones personal care needs and lifestyle. Topics include: The benefits of Medicare and how it works How Medicare Advantage, [read more…]

Aug 07

4 Tips to Increase your Retirement Savings

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category Personal Risk
piles of coins growing for retirement leading to a white piggy bank

Saving for you retirement well before you need it is one of the most crucial decisions to make in life. The money saved and the retirement income generated from it have a direct bearing on your lifestyle after you retire. Below are a few tips to help you increase your savings. 1. Don’t cash out retirement plans when changing employment [read more…]

Jul 31

The Importance of Understanding your Worker’s Compensation Premium

Posted by McClone in the category Business Risk
Work Injury Claim Form

A key to understanding your workers’ compensation premium is the experience modification factor, also known as your mod. Understanding your company’s mod and the data used to obtain it helps you identify ways to minimize your workers’ compensation premium. Who calculates the mod factor? Most states use the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) to collect data and calculate the [read more…]

Jul 25

Safety Tips for Outdoor Grilling

Posted by McClone in the category Personal Risk
hand holding cover of weber charcoal grill while other hand flips hotdogs

Summer is in full swing and you even though grilling is a tasty way to prepare food, you should remember that grills can be very hot, and could cause fires or burn injuries. To ensure the flames stay under the grates and don’t char more than you food, follow these grill safety and maintenance tips. General Tips: • Grills should be [read more…]

Jul 18

Expired Medicines – Are they Safe?

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category Personal Risk
4 different prescription medications lined up on a diagnal

Many of us keep unused medicines in our homes, whether left over from a prescription or purchased over-the-counter for some future need. All medicines will eventually expire –what do you do then? First let’s step back and take a look at what expiration dates mean For over-the-counter medicines, you’ll find an expiration date printed on the packaging by the manufacturer. This [read more…]

Jul 10

The War on Talent Doesn’t End with Talent Acquisition

Posted by McClone in the category McClone Community
two goldfish bowls with one goldfish jumping into the other bowl

Why Retention is the Biggest Talent Challenge Of 2017 Finding exceptional employees is one thing. Keeping them is another. By focusing only on recruiting, and not making the effort to retain those new employees, a cycle is created where new employees don’t stay long and employers have to recruit yet more employees. Long-term, this over-emphasis on talent attraction and hiring [read more…]

Jun 26

Medicare-Eligible Employees May Impact ‘Pay or Play” Penalties

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category McClone Community
Road sign that says "Pay or Play"

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare-eligible individuals are ineligible to receive premium tax credits. As a result, employers with Medicare-eligible employees should consider how those employees may impact their potential liability under the ACA’s employer shared responsibility provisions (also known as “pay or play”). Medicare-Eligible Employees and ‘Pay or Play’ As highlighted in an IRS memorandum, because Medicare-eligible individuals [read more…]

Jun 12

Creating a Strong Safety Culture

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category Business Risk
Three hard hats in a row, alternating colors of yellow, white, yellow

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), developing a strong safety culture has the single greatest impact on accident reduction of any workplace practice. This is why developing a safety culture should be a top priority for the managers and supervisors at your organization. Safety Culture A safety culture consists of shared beliefs, practices and mind-sets that exist [read more…]

May 25

Eat Fresh. Support Local.

Posted by McClone in the category McClone Community
fresh produce in baskets

Wisconsin Farmers’ Market – 2017 After a long winter, there is nothing better than the summer farmers market throughout Wisconsin. It’s a chance for local growers to showcase the bounty of their hard work while we get a refreshing break and change of scenery from the grocery store. Throw in some live music, crafts, fresh flowers and clean summer air, [read more…]

May 16

Minimize Road Work Zone Injuries and Fatalities

Posted by McClone in the category McClone Community
construction worker holding stop sign in work zone.

Spring and summer are the peak times of year we see work zones set up for road work construction and maintenance. These work zones can expose construction workers to high traffic areas, where they can be struck by passing drivers. According to the Federal Highway Administration, drivers account for 82% of highway and road work zone fatalities. Driving distractions, reckless driving, [read more…]