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Author Archives: Sarah Munson

May 20

Eat Fresh. Support Local.

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category McClone Community

Wisconsin Farmers’ Market – 2016 After a long winter, there is nothing better than the summer farmers market throughout Wisconsin. It’s a chance for local growers to showcase the bounty of their hard work while we get a refreshing break and change of scenery from the grocery store. Throw in some live music, crafts, fresh flowers and clean summer air, [read more…]

Mar 25

Engaging the Emerging Talent Pipeline

Posted by Sarah Munson in the categories Business Risk, McClone Community
Circle of people holding hands

by: Meg Kubisch, McClone HR Strategic Risk Advisor The War on Talent has forced many companies to take a hard look at Corporate Learning practices and ask “what am I doing as a Premier Employer to keep my employees engaged and ultimately more productive. How important is it to have motivated and inspired employees? “A highly engaged workforce not only [read more…]

Mar 11

Daylight Saving Stress? How do you Cope?

Posted by Sarah Munson in the categories Business Risk, Healthcare News, McClone Community, Personal Risk

The annual rite of turning our clocks ahead is upon us, which can throw off sleep and decision-making. 2016 daylight saving time starts this Sunday morning, March 13 and for many of us, springing ahead can take the pep out of our step and make us more vulnerable to accidents. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people on average sleep [read more…]