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Author Archives: Sarah Munson

Aug 07

4 Tips to Increase your Retirement Savings

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category Personal Risk
piles of coins growing for retirement leading to a white piggy bank

Saving for you retirement well before you need it is one of the most crucial decisions to make in life. The money saved and the retirement income generated from it have a direct bearing on your lifestyle after you retire. Below are a few tips to help you increase your savings. 1. Don’t cash out retirement plans when changing employment [read more…]

Jul 18

Expired Medicines – Are they Safe?

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category Personal Risk
4 different prescription medications lined up on a diagnal

Many of us keep unused medicines in our homes, whether left over from a prescription or purchased over-the-counter for some future need. All medicines will eventually expire –what do you do then? First let’s step back and take a look at what expiration dates mean For over-the-counter medicines, you’ll find an expiration date printed on the packaging by the manufacturer. This [read more…]

Jun 26

Medicare-Eligible Employees May Impact ‘Pay or Play” Penalties

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category McClone Community
Road sign that says "Pay or Play"

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare-eligible individuals are ineligible to receive premium tax credits. As a result, employers with Medicare-eligible employees should consider how those employees may impact their potential liability under the ACA’s employer shared responsibility provisions (also known as “pay or play”). Medicare-Eligible Employees and ‘Pay or Play’ As highlighted in an IRS memorandum, because Medicare-eligible individuals [read more…]

Jun 12

Creating a Strong Safety Culture

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category Business Risk
Three hard hats in a row, alternating colors of yellow, white, yellow

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), developing a strong safety culture has the single greatest impact on accident reduction of any workplace practice. This is why developing a safety culture should be a top priority for the managers and supervisors at your organization. Safety Culture A safety culture consists of shared beliefs, practices and mind-sets that exist [read more…]

May 11

To Purchase or Not to Purchase Rental Car Insurance

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category McClone Community

Whether or not you should purchase the coverage offered by rental car agencies is a complicated question and unfortunately, it does not have a simple answer. The rates for this coverage vary greatly and depend on factors such as the car you’re renting, who’s renting it to you, the country, the deductible per loss and coverage you may have through other [read more…]

Apr 18

4 Techniques for Recruiting Top Talent

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category McClone Community
words "Time for Change. We're hiring." etched into wooden sign haning on concrete wall

by: Zach Kaiser & Adam Terrell, Strategic Risk Advisors We hear it day in and day out, “If I could just find good people.” or “There is no one out there these days that wants to work.” Unfortunately these statements are true. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana have an average unemployment rate of [read more…]

Mar 14

The Dangers of Cybersecurity in Construction

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category Business Risk
Computer login screen with picture of a lock in front

by: Troy Carlson, Strategic Risk Advisor Most of us have emails filling our inboxes throughout each workday. Often, it seems like a job in and of itself just to keep up with them. When an invoice comes across your desk, you typically review it, approve it or reject it, and move on. Imagine your surprise when you receive an email [read more…]

Oct 18
Aug 17

Are you or a Loved One Experiencing Medicare Overload?

Posted by Sarah Munson in the categories Healthcare News, McClone Community, Personal Risk
stethescope in the shape of a heart laying on top of an explanation of benefits

Beginning September 8th, our team will be hosting weekly Medicare educational seminars at a location near you! Join us as our team of experts help you sort through all the information about Medicare that may be causing confusion, stress and worry. We will educate you in how to identify the Medicare options that meet your or your loved ones personal care [read more…]

Aug 02

Auto Emergency Kit – Are you prepared?

Posted by Sarah Munson in the category Personal Risk

by: AJ Weisheipl 10 Items to Include in Your Kit You’re driving on the highway when you notice that your car isn’t controlling as well as it normally would. So you pull over to find you have a flat tire. When you go to get your spare, you realize you don’t have the right tools! Nobody wants to be in [read more…]